Are Yelp Ads Worth It?

*UPDATE March 2019* Over the years Yelp has continued to be a staple in the way many web searchers look for serviced based needs. A few things have changed, however. Firstly, the way users find Yelp has changed. At the time this article was written, most people that were on Yelp had already done a…

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Your Website Is Like A Car

Having a website can be confusing. We’ve created this informational guide to help demystify some of the more important aspects of owning and maintaining a website. First things first, let’s discuss the different aspects to “having a website”, using an analogy we can all understand – owning a car. Bear with me as I try…

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Web Content Strategy Basics

*UPDATED March 2019* The most notable change affecting web content strategy since this article was published has been the incredible (and foreseeable) year-over-year increase in mobile traffic to websites. Mobile users are now responsible for well over 50% of website traffic globally, and even more within the US. In years passed, the mobile take-over of…

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Google’s SEO Starter Guide

*UPDATED 2020* For anyone new to SEO or wanting more information, I strongly suggest spending some time reading through the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide to familiarize yourself with some of the terminology and best-practices. It is a great way to get an overview of what the SEO basics are all about. One thing…

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Is Content Still King?

*UPDATE March 2019* While Google has updated its algorithm countless times over the years, content is still a cornerstone element in it’s ranking factors. More specifically, quality content. The way users search, what they search for, the devices they search from, these are all factors that will and have changed over the years. What stays…

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SEO Tips for Local Ranking

*UPDATED 2020* Local search is a key concern for most businesses and brands. In this article we will do a quick overview of the top 10 factors that can help strengthen your local search ranking. 10 Tips to Help Get You To The Top of Local Search Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) Make sure that…

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Hosting: You Get What You Pay For

Our two cents regarding “free” or reduced fee hosting services – You can’t get something for nothing, and this is especially true on the web. Companies offering free hosting are often unreliable connections, which may mean your site will experience considerable down time. Free hosts may also include pop-up advertising on your site, which will…

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Hosting and SEO

*UPDATED March 2019* Google has released 9 major algorithm updates since this article was written. Each one has addressed different ranking signals. Over the span of these updates, the quality of a website’s hosting has become even more detrimental factor to SEO rankings. Now, additional ranking signals correlated to hosting service (other than load speed)…

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Why WordPress for SEO?

Over the past few years, WordPress has blossomed into a full featured Content Management System (CMS) powerful enough to create sites for everyone from your local dentist to CNN. WordPress is a free, open source CMS. The price makes it cost effective to you as a customer, and because it is open source, there is…

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What Good Is A Website No One Can Find?

You can spend thousands of dollars to have someone build you a beautiful website, but there is no guarantee that anyone will come. Many web design companies are not SEO savvy. In order to get rankings and visbility on the web, you will be forced to spend hundreds and thousands on specific SEO services, on…

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