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Website Care & Support Plans

As a successful business owner, we know your valuable time is better spent focusing on your area of expertise. At Zenthree, our team of website experts is dedicated to keeping up with your website’s daily needs related to backups, hosting, updates, maintenance, and more. Our Zenthree Website Care & Support Plans allow you to focus on the daily needs of your business and life, without having to sacrifice your website’s well-being. 

Stop Being Frustrated With Your Website

 Troubleshooting Website Errors
 Security Updates Piling Up
 Long Support Wait-Times
 Figuring Out How to Make Content Edits
 Wondering if Your Lead Forms Are Working
 Adding Your Own Tracking Codes

What Are Zenthree Website Care & Support Plans?

Our Website Care & Support is a premium service that ensures every aspect of running a WordPress website is managed by our team of professional WordPress experts.

Website Care & Support Comes with Benefits

Reliable 99.9% Website Up-Time

What good is a website that’s down? With servers you can truly rely on, you can be confident that your site will be up and running whenever a user visits.

Optimized WordPress Hosting

Not all websites are created equal. Our hosting platform was specifically built for optimizing  WordPress websites to provide top-notch, flawless performance.

Top-Notch Website Security

Threats are all over the web. Keeping your data secure is crucial. Rest easy knowing we use the best tools available to keep your website safe and secure. 

Lead Form Monitoring

If your contact forms aren’t working, you’re missing leads. Period. We regularly check your form submission flow to be sure they’re working properly.

Superior Support

Staffed with WordPress experts with 30+ years of experience, we can help with all of your WordPress needs. We are always just an email, chat or call away.

Full Website Backups

You have invested a lot of time and money in to your website. We back up your website files and database regularly to ensure your site is safe and sound.

ZenThree has been hosting and managing my company website for almost 10 years. They play a HUGE role in why my company has the online presence that it does. If I ever had a question or issue, they are responsive, knowledgeable and get it handled asap.
Dori Einhorn
Einhorn Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a website host - won't switching providers be time consuming?

We will take care of the transition for you. All you need to do is send us a login to your current website host, and we will migrate your website over at no cost.

Will changing providers hurt my Google rankings?

Nope! In fact, it could even IMPROVE your Google rankings depending on the boost you receive from our super fast WordPress-optimized hosting platform. We never change URLs or the website structure when transitioning from one host to another, so your rankings will not be affected in any way.

My current plan is cheaper. Why should I pay more?

To ensure we are comparing apples to apples, we would need to take a deeper look at what you are currently paying for. If you are paying for a simple Linux-based website hosting instance for a small site, yes, you can find plans as low as $5 a month. However, these hosting companies do not provide you with any support outside of hosting-related issues. For example, let’s say you need help adding an image to your homepage – they would not provide you with any feedback or information on this type of request. These low-cost hosts also do not provide off-site backups, security scanning, security updates, and a variety of other services that are included even in our entry level plan.

How do I know you’re my best option?

We’ve been building and managing WordPress sites for over 10 years for a wide range of clients from small acupuncture clinics to large multinational corporations. Our team’s knowledge-base encompasses a wide variety of knowhow from troubleshooting PHP issues in plugins to canonicalizing links for SEO purposes. By focusing on WordPress we have been able to hone in on our skills and provide you with top notch support unavailable at most agencies or corporate development/hosting shops.

“A Complete, Turnkey Solution for Your WordPress Website”

Other Hosting Providers

  •   Limited Website Management
  •   Won’t Edit Aesthetics
  •   Inconsistent Points of Contact
  •  Only Edit DNS if Domain Hosted Through Them

A Perfect Fit for Every Business

* Hours do not roll over month-to-month

Want More Support?

Custom Plans Are Available

What Can Support Hours Be Used For?


Some examples of the many tasks our clients use their management hours include:

✓ Adding or replacing images throughout the site

✓ Updates to addresses or contact info

✓ Posting any blogs or articles you produce

✓ Moderating comments

✓ Adding new forms

✓ Adding or editing page content

✓ Adding new event information

✓ Adding new features such as social share buttons, event calendars, etc.

✓ Updating sidebar content

✓ Adding/updating calls-to-action

✓ Embedding videos into pages

✓ Optimizing the navigation menu

✓ Edits to products & adding new products

✓ Adding/setting up email client

✓ General troubleshooting requests

✓ And MORE!