6 Crucial Components of Great SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website pages through organic search engine results. SEO has become one of the most powerful resources to generate quality traffic to your website. With Google being responsible for over 60 of all worldwide searches, their algorithm is seen as…

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Responsive Design vs. Mobile Websites

*UPDATED March 2019* The idea behind responsive and mobile websites is still the same. What has changed, however, is the volume of traffic coming from devices other than the traditional desktop, as well as the variety of shapes and sizes. Mobile devices, tablets, and televisions are now responsible for more of the total market share…

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Are Yelp Ads Worth It?

*UPDATE March 2019* Over the years Yelp has continued to be a staple in the way many web searchers look for serviced based needs. A few things have changed, however. Firstly, the way users find Yelp has changed. At the time this article was written, most people that were on Yelp had already done a…

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