Why Claiming Your Google My Business Profile is Important

Your business likely has a Google My Business profile, even if you didn’t create one. GMB has grown more and more important to your business’s online presence and more specifically to your position in search rankings. Be sure that you have ownership of your profile, and once you do, update the profile with as much accurate information, content, and images as possible.

Why is it so important to claim and update your GMB profile? Here are a few good reasons…

1. It’s Good for SEO

What is SEO? We have more on that here.

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Claiming, updating, and maintaining your GMB profile will give Google more information about your business and the service or products you provide. The more info you provide, the better! Just be sure that the NAP info (name, address, phone) is the same as it is listed on your website. This should be the case with any and all business listings that are associated with your site across the web. 

The more accurate information you provide to Google, the more the search engine is able to provide to users searching the web. The more often you add images, update info, and post information to your profile, the more confident Google is that your profile might be the best option for the user.

2. Get More Customers with Google Reviews

A good customer rating is a powerful thing, and Google reviews might be the most powerful of them all. People these days are quick to search for reviews before working with a business. With Google being the most used search engine by far, Google reviews tend to be what the majority of people rely on to make the call. Your Google review rating could be what makes or breaks your potential customer’s decision.

Also, a strong Google review rating helps improve your website’s search rankings. It’s a win-win!

3. Offering a Better Customer Experience

customers checking Google My Business profiles

If you’ve ever dealt with a business that had inaccurate or outdated information listed online, you probably know that it can be pretty frustrating sometimes. Especially if we are talking about important information like NAP info. By providing the most accurate and updated information that you can, you will be avoiding any potential issues with customers using incorrect business details. 

4. Using Google Posts

Google posts can be an extremely useful and effective tool to provide current and valuable details to potential customers. It’s essentially a social media-like posting tool specific for your GMB profile. When you post on your profile, your latest post is shown to visitors when they are looking at your business details.  This can be to promote the current sale you’re offering, the latest product or service you’ve added, unexpected closings or delays, or anything else you can think of. These informative posts could be what makes the difference between someone just glancing at your profile and moving on, or deciding to contact your business. 

You Need Your Google My Business Profile

Those should be some pretty convincing reasons to get serious about your Google My Business listing. If you need some help with optimizing your profile, let us know here and we can talk about how we can help. We offer one-time GMB profile optimizations, as well as ongoing monthly optimizations and updates.

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