What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, deals with improving the volume and quality of traffic to your website using techniques which focus on natural or organic search engine rankings.  SEO needs to be the primary area addressed for anyone wishing to establish themselves on the internet. The goal of SEO is to make sure you can be found by both search engines and human beings interested in your information. Good SEO is the foundation of any website, and many aspects of SEM can be rendered useless without a sturdy base of SEO to support your website.

Creating a website for your business is a very similar to building a brick and mortar storefront. There are going to be other people out there that are already focusing in on the same niche as you; you need to do what you can to set yourself apart. The best way to do this on the web is to employ the use of strong SEO practices, coupled with a user friendly website. Using well written and unique content, properly structuring titles, making sure all titles are placed at the optimal location within your website, utilizing headers, making use of meta tags, employing alt tags for images, intelligently using internal and external links, and proper sitemap creation go a long way in creating a strong, search engine optimized web presence – this is true even in markets with stiff competition.

Once the supporting walls, flooring and roof have been constructed for your site through solid SEO practices, you then need to focus on completing the job. This would include focused keyword building, creating unique content, building links and ensuring the site is friendly for both robots and people through testing.  Within a few days of getting your site on the web the search engine spiders will drop by to check on the quality and relevance of your site.  If the search engine spiders like what they see, you will notice your website moving up in the rankings, as well as your page rank and traffic statistics.  Be patient, as with all good things, the results of solid SEO can take time.

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