Top 10 Reasons to Choose ZenThree

*UPDATED March 2019*

Not much on this list has changed. We at ZenThree continue to operate with our clients best interest in mind. We refused to trade our values for the hopes of higher profits and instead followed our strong belief that providing truly valuable services to our clients would be the only way we would accept success. ‘Cause what’s better than everyone getting to win together?

Years later, we are happy to say that our beliefs were correct.

While our values have remained true, the same cannot be said about the tools and strategies used over the past 8 years in digital marketing. These have changed quite a bit, causing us to naturally adapt to the latest tools and best practices available for businesses of all types. Marketing will always be an everchanging beast which we will consistently be pivoting our strategies in order to tame.


(Because everyone loves lists.)

  1. Honesty. Not only the best policy but our only policy.
  2. Affordability. We’ve perfected the art of working within your budget – large or small.
  3. No Sales. Our focus is on building solutions, not selling them.
  4. Speed. Quick turn around times and support responses.
  5. Options. We want your website to be as unique as your business.
  6. Commitment. Our commitment to you is long term.
  7. Vision. We take the time to personally explore and understand your goals.
  8. Communication. A real person is only a call or email away.
  9. No Surprises. We’re upfront about costs, expectations and the services we offer.
  10. Flexibility. We do a lot of yoga both on and off the web.

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