Managed WordPress Website Support & Maintenance

WordPress is an easy-to-update, dynamic content management system that gives you full control over the content you publish on the web. Because of the dynamic nature of WordPress, it is important to ensure it is properly maintained and updated. It is essential to keep your website up-to-date and secure to both offer protection from potential threats and maintain your current website functionality.

There are three major parts to maintaining a secure, updated WordPress website – WordPress Core Updates, WordPress Plugin Updates and Full Website Backups (off-site).

 WordPress Core Updates

WordPress is an open-source software project that is consistently improved and iterated upon
by members of the WordPress community. Because WordPress is such a widely used platform, there are frequent releases that help to enhance its inherent security and accessibility. Just as having a well-tuned engine is vital to the efficiency of your car, having an updated WordPress core is essential to your website functionality and security.

WordPress Plugin Updates

WordPress Plugins are software modules layered on top of WordPress that provide additional functionality beyond what WordPress Core offers. For example, the database-driven contact form that will be used on your website is built using a popular WordPress Plugin. Similar to the WordPress Core, the Plugins need to be kept up-to-date to ensure they are functioning properly, free from any security risks.

Full Website Backups

In the event that your website is compromised, the ability to access a clean version of your website is essential to minimizing your downtime. It is important to full back up your site – both the database and the website files – on a regular basis and store copies of the backups in case of an emergency. The ZenThree’s ongoing maintenance package gives you the ability to focus on your business, instead of learning how to manage and maintain a secure, functional website.